10kVA-120KVA Off-Grid Solar Inverter Three-Phase for Commercial Off-Grid Solar with Storage

● High-speed DSP digital control
● Full-bridge inverter control technology, providing secure power supply in the event of three phase 100%unbalanced loads
● Multi-string PV connected
● Built-in AC rectifier and MPPT control modules, configured battery parameters by operating interface,self -regulation for charging voltage and current
● Hot-swap MPPT modules for easy maintenance and power expansion
● Auto access MPP tracking states,be most probable to use PV energy in priorty
● Intelligent AC and PV complementation power supply function to extend the battery life.
● Using multicore control technology and auto MPP trackers,auto-start AC rectier enable PV and AC source to supply power tothe loads at the same time in the event of insufficient PV,which reduces battery discharge times and extends the battery life
● Intelligent staggering power consumption function
● Standard RS232,RS485 and optional SNMP communication port
● Multiple remote control:startup,shutdown,abnormal clearance,EPO,battery test and remote alarm port
● Staggering energy storage and power generation

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This Off-Grid solar system is available in 10 kVA~120 kVA models with DSP digital control technology, it is combined with pulse-width modulation (SVPWM),disturbance MPPT control and muli-level control technology to enable the system to track the maximum power of solar panels fast.Its secure power supply feature provides good quality power with regulated voltage and frequency to the loads,and it is featured with energy storage and staggering power consumption as well. It is an ideal inverter for medium-sized or large-scale residential,commercial and industrial PV applications which are off the grid,such as village,farm,factory,office building and islands etc.

Working Modes


It is an ideal solar inverter for medium-sized or large-scale residential, commercial and industrial off-grid solar energy storage applications.

Commercial Off-Grid Solar systems

Industrial Off-Grid Power System

Off-Grid Solar Systems for Remote Villages


MODF10 kVA20 kVA30 kVA40 kVA60 kVA80 kVA100 kVA120 kVA
Rated power9 kW18 kW27 kW36 kW54 kW72 kW90 kW108 kW
Rated current15 A30 A45 A60 A91A120 A152 A182 A
Output power factor0.9
Rated input voltage380 Vac±20%
Rated output voltage380 Vac±1%
Battery voltage360 Vdc
Number of battery12 Vdc×30 pcs /2 Vdc×180 pcs
Operating modeAC and PV complementation
Max.voltage (Voc)750 Vdc
Optimum operating voltage (Vmp)450~550 Vdc
Max.conversion efficiency≥98%
Floating charge voltage (25℃)414 Vdc±1%
MPPT Max. current60 A120 A180 A240 A300 A360 A
Max. PV power25kW2×25kW3×25 kW4 ×25 kW5×25kW6×25 kW
Number of PV input1+1 (reserved)2+1 (reserved)3+1 (reserved)4+2 (reserved)5+3 (reserved)6+2 (reserved)
MPPT modules1+1 (reserved)2+1 (reserved)3+1 (reserved)4+2 (reserved)5+3 (reserved)6+2 (reserved)
Input voltage range380 Vac ± 20% three-phase
Rated frequency50Hz / 60Hz ± 5Hz (settable)
Power factor0.8
Floating charge voltage (25℃)410 Vdc±1%
Equalizing charge voltage (25℃)415Vdc±1%
Max.charging current20 A40 A60 A80 A120 A160 A200 A240 A
Inverter voltage380 Vac three-phase+N+PE
Phase voltage220 / 230 / 240 Vac (settable)
Output voltage precision±1%
Transient recovery time20 ms
Rated frequency50Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz (settable)
Peak factor3:1
Voltage unbalance±3% (100% unbalanced load)
Overload≥105%~110% for 1 h, ≥110%~125% for 10 min, ≥125%~150% for 1 min, ≥150% shut down in 10 s, ≥200% shut down immediately
Rated voltage380 Vac three-phase+N+PE
Voltage range±200
Rated frequency50Hz / 60Hz ± 5Hz
Max.current22 A45 A68 A90 A114.A436 A227 A272 A
EOD voltage settings1.58 Vdc ~ 1.83 Vdc (settable), 1.75 Vdc (default)
Staggering DOD (Depth of Discharge)settings1.85 Vdc ~ 2.1 Vdc (settable), 1.89 Vdc (default)
Charging current settingsFactory default 0.15 C10;0.07~0.3 C10 (settable)
Battery managementAuto-transfer between equalizing charge and floating charge;Auto-temperature compensation of batteries
Inverter -Bypass0 ms
Rvoass-lnverte0 ms
Remote controlInverter startup, shutdown, abnormal clearance, EPO, battery self-test
Communication interfaceRS232 / RS485 (standard); SNMP / Wi-Fi / GPRS (optional)
Dry contacts outputBypass input abnormal, rectifier input abnormal, system fault, system alarm, low battery, output overload, fan fault, generator ON/OFF
Operating temperature0℃~40℃
Max.relative humidity90% (non-condensing)
IP ratingIP20
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)450×840×1100600×700×1750960×800×1700
Packaged dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)560×940×1300700×800×19501060×900×1900
Weight (kg)230245380430515848854860

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