3.5kW Off-Grid Solar Inverter 3500W 24V MPPT 100A Pure Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Output: Pure Sine Wave power output guarantees all kinds of electronic equipment to last longer, run cooler and more efficiently.
Integrated MPPT Charge Controller: Built-in 100A MPPT solar charger making the product can yield the most power available.
Programmable AC/PV Source Priority: Users can set solar energy or utility grid as first priority for powering the devices, providing more flexibility for different scenarios.
High Power Factor: Output power factor up to 1.0.
Work w/o Battery: Working with or without battery enables users to save energy costs.
Optional Battery Type: Allow access of lithium battery or lead-acid battery.
Multiple Protections: All-round protection with a number of protection functions: short circuit protection, over voltage and under voltage protection, overload protection, reverse protection etc.

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Powersun series Hybrid off-grid solar inverters provide stand-alone solar solutions which deliver reliable power supply even without a utility grid. 3500W to 5500W capacity can cover most of your home electricity demand and become independent from electric utility companies. Powersun solar inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home or office environment, including motor-type appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioner.

Product Overview

Working Modes

It has following working modes:

1.Utility provides power to the loads as first priority. Solar and energy storage battery provide power to the load only if utility power is not available.

2.Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority. Energy storage battery  provides power to the loads at the same time if solar energy is not sufficient. Utility provides power to the loads only when battery low voltage happens.

3.Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority. Utility provides power to the loads at the same time if solar energy is not sufficient. Energy storage battery provides power to the loads only if solar energy and utility power are not available, or solar energy is not sufficient and utility power is not available.


Versatile Charging Options

Solar Priority

Charge the batteries with solar panel as priority. Charge batteries using utility power only when solar energy is not available.

Combined Charging

Solar energy and utility power charge the batteries at the same time.

Solar Exclusive

Solar energy will be the only charging source no matter utility power is available or not.

Off-Grid Residential Solar Energy Storage Solutions

Megawatt provides one-stop off-grid residential solar energy storage solutions. This off-grid solar energy storage system ESS consisit of solar panels, Powermega lithium battery pack, and Powersun off-grid solar inverter.


Rated power3500VA/3500W
Input voltage230VAC
Input voltage range170-280VAC(UPS)
90-280VAC(home appliances)
Input frequency50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
Output voltage regulation (Batt . Mode)230VAC ± 5%
Output frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Surge power7000VA
Efficiency( Peak) PV to INV97%
Efficiency( Peak) BAT to INV94%
Overload protection5s @≥ 150% load; 10s @ 110 ~ 150% load
Transfer time10ms (UPS)
20ms (home appliances)
Wave formPure Sine Wave
Battery voltage24VDC
Floating charge Voltage27VDC
Overcharge protection33VDC
Max. charging current80A
MAX . PV array power5000W
MMPPT range at operating voltage120 ~ 450VDC
Maximum PV array open circuit voltage450VDC
Maximum charging current100A
Maximum efficiency98%
Communication interfaceRS485 / RS232
Humidity5% to 95% Relative Humidity( Non-condensing)
Operating temperature0°C to 55°C
Storage temperature- 15°C to 60°C
Dimension (W×D×H)265 x 420 x 100 mm
Package dimensions320 x 470 x 160 mm
Weight8 kg

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