Common Problems and Countermeasures in Solar Systems

1.Does Solar power generation have radiation and pollution?
Power experts said that solar power generation has no radiation and pollution. Electronic devices can be noisy when operating, but it is manageable. The noise indicator of Powersun series off-grid hybrid inverter is not higher than 65 decibels, there is no noise impact. The Lithium ion batteries used in the Solar Battery Storage System are simply storage of chemical energy, that without a completed circuit does not provide electricity, and does not emit any radiation. Whether there is radiation in the recycling of solar panels mainly depends on its material. If it is a crystalline silicon solar cell recycling, there isn’t too much pollution sources, similarly, amorphous silicon photovoltaic solar products, mainly depends on the choice of materials.

2.Will the power generated be insufficient in cold weather?
The amount of power generation of the solar system is indeed affected by temperature, and the factors that directly affect the power generation are the irradiation intensity and sunshine duration and the operating temperature of the solar panels. In winter, it is inevitable that the radiation intensity will be weak, the daily duration will be short, and the general power generation will be less than in summer, that is an normal phenomenon. Megawatt solar system is connected to the power grid, no matter on-grid system, hybrid solar system or off-grid solar system, as long as the power grid is available, in addition, Megawat energy storage system has energy storage battery as backup power, there will be no power shortages and power outages for household.

3.Will the shading of the house, leaves and even bird droppings on the solar panels affect the solar power system?
Yes, the shadow of the house on the solar panels, the shelter of leaves and even bird droppings will have a greater impact on the solar power generation system. The sheltered solar panel in a series connection will be used as a load to consume the energy generated by other illuminated solar panels, and the sheltered solar panel will heat up at this time, which is the hot spot phenomenon, it will damage the solar panel in serious cases. In order to avoid the heat spot of the series connection branch, it is necessary to install a bypass diode on the solar panel, in order to prevent the heat spot of the parallel circuit, it is necessary to install DC insurance on each solar panel string, even if there is no heat spot effect, the shield of the solar cell will affect the power generation.

4.How to consider the effect of load on the PV array and building when installing a PV system?
From the perspective of safety and stability, when making a design we should consider the impact of permanent loads, wind loads, snow loads, and temperature loads on the PV array and buildings to ensure that the solar panels, racks and the foundation of the PV array have sufficient strength and stiffness to resist the local extreme climate. Before the installation of the PV system, it is necessary to survey, calculate and check the load capacity of the building, and design a reasonable installation and construction scheme under the premise of ensuring that the building meets the loads.

5.Will the solar system affect the power quality?
The main indicators to measure power quality are voltage, frequency and waveform. The main AC-DC conversion component of the system is the solar inverter, which can only be put into use after passing the power quality test. The output power of the solar system can be fed into the power grid after being accepted by the national grid. So the solar system will not affect the power quality.

6.How to estimate the electricity generated in output of a solar system?
To estimate the electricity generated in output of a solar system, it is necessary to know the effective sunshine time, system efficiency, and installation capacity of the PV system. For example, a 5000W Off grid solar system is installed in Papua New Guinea, the effective sunshine time is 5.68 hours, and the efficiency of the solar system is 85%, then the calculation formula of the daily power generation of the system = installation capacity × effective sunshine hours × system efficiency =5000×5.68×0.85=24140wh, about 24 KWH.

7.What are the benefits of installing solar energy storage system for industrial and commercial users?
The roof of a company or a factory is installed with solar panels, which can play a role in heat insulation and cooling, and improve the working environment of employees. At the same time, it will greatly save the cost of electricity for enterprises, and the peak electricity consumption is more guaranteed. After installing the energy storage system, while self-use, excess solar energy will be stored in the energy storage battery, when the solar power is insufficient, the battery energy storage system will supply power to the loads. The energy storage system will improve the absorption rate of solar system and maximize the benefit of electricity consumption.

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