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151Wh DC Portable Solar Generator PE1210

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256Wh DC Portable Solar Generator PE1220

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384Wh DC Portable Solar Generator PE1230

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512Wh DC Portable Solar Generator PE1240

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What is a Portable Solar Generator

A portable solar generator is a compact, mobile power supply that harnesses solar energy to store electrical power in an integrated battery, commonly made of lithium-ion, for accessibility and use in any location. Tailored for adaptability, it efficiently converts solar energy to charge and power a multitude of devices, from smartphones to laptops, and even small household appliances when traditional power sources are not available. This eco-friendly option is indispensable for outdoor activities, disaster readiness, or as a supplemental home energy reserve. Portable solar generators operate silently, produce zero emissions, and can be recharged under the sun, presenting a green and sustainable solution over standard generators. The Powerever series of portable solar generators provides consistent, renewable energy to keep your essential devices operational no matter where you are.

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Pre-Sales Services

At Megawatt, our pre-sales service is dedicated to providing expert consultation in the following areas:

  • Assessing Actual Needs
  • Recommending the Most Suitable Models
  • Offering Industry Solutions
  • Free Sample Testing
  • Free Factory Inspections
  • Other aspects
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During Sales Services

Integrity and fairness are our guiding principles in all customer interactions. This is why we treat all clients equally, regardless of the contract size, whether they are international or domestic, and whether they are new or returning customers.

Megawatt also guarantees the high quality of our diverse product range. By adhering strictly to contract terms, complying with product standards, and conducting multiple quality inspections before dispatching any equipment to our clients, we ensure that every solar inverter meets our high-quality benchmarks.

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How to Charge a Portable Solar Generator

Solar Charging

Harness the power of the sun to charge your portable solar generator. Simply connect the solar panel to your generator, and it will convert sunlight into electrical energy, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective charging solution. Ideal for outdoor activities or areas without access to traditional power sources.

Mains Charging (optional)

For added convenience, your portable solar generator can also be charged via a standard AC wall outlet. Use the provided adapter to connect your generator to the mains electricity, ensuring it’s ready for use regardless of weather conditions. This method is perfect for pre-charging your generator before a trip or as a backup charging option.

Megawatt Portable Solar Generator case

Powering Off-Grid Projects

Megawatt’s solar generator is the silent partner for off-grid photography and film, providing clean, noise-free power to cameras and gear in remote locales.

Emergency Home Backup

In power outages, rely on Megawatt’s portable solar generator for essential electricity. It keeps lights and appliances running, providing a sustainable safety net when the grid is down.

Disaster Relief Operations

Megawatt’s portable solar generators are critical in disaster-hit zones. They provide immediate, reliable power for medical equipment, communications, and rescue tools, aiding recovery efforts where stable electricity is disrupted.

Sustainable Emergency Power

Keep calm and connected with Megawatt’s solar generator during outages. It’s your green solution to power essentials without depending on the grid.

Megawatt – Your Associate in Progressive Portable Solar Generator Solutions

Harnessing Megawatt’s innovative R&D strengths in solar technology and intelligent software, we provide industry-leading portable solar generator solutions equipped with smart monitoring systems. Our products are globally acclaimed for their outstanding quality and steadfast reliability, solidifying our esteemed reputation in the market. Opting for Megawatt’s portable solar generators ensures an enhancement in both efficiency and quality for your off-grid energy initiatives.

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What they says about us

Megawatt’s portable solar generators have been a revelation for our remote eco-tours. Their dependability in diverse environmental settings has allowed us to extend our operations sustainably.

Working in disaster relief, reliable power can mean the difference between life and death. Megawatt’s solar generators have proven indispensable for our field hospitals and communication centers.

For our outdoor education programs, Megawatt’s solar generators have ensured a seamless, eco-conscious experience. We can power our equipment without a footprint, thanks to their innovative technology.