Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a solar quote for my home or my commercial building?

A: Feel free to contact us (email at or call us +86 13556653427) for getting a free solar quote. Your free home solar quote will include: a roof assessment, a customized system design, and a calculation of estimated savings and return on investment. Our quote will be based on the info you provide, such as roof or ground you would like to install solar panels, roof type (flat roof or pitched roof), roof size

Q: How do I decide how big my solar system should be?

A: Tell us the size of the installation site where you want to install the solar panels, we will estimate how many panels can fit on, and how much electricity you need, we will consider how much the solar electrical output will offset your electricity needs, and the final factor that will influence the size of your solar system is your project budget.

Q: Is mounting system included in the solar system you offered?

A: Racking or mounting system for solar panels are optional in our solar system. If you need us to provide you with solar mounting system, please do let us know your roof structure (flat roof, pitched roof, etc.) and roof material (asphalt shingle roof, tile roof, slate roof, etc.) . The best racking system for your home depends on how your roof is structured and what type of roofing materials you have. We will offer the racking system most appropriate for your property.

Q: What factors affect system pricing?

A: Several factors dictate the price of your system, not just the cost of the solar panels, solar inverter and batteries themselves. Other factors include the price of racking equipment, and engineering time as well as design, labor, and permitting. Many of these components are soft costs that are not based on the price of physical equipment. Megawatt aims to reduce the costs of physical equipment so home and business owners can see more savings when going solar.

Q: How many batteries will I need?

A: The size of the battery bank you need depends on several factors and is specific to your needs and to your home. We will look at the following to determine what you need:  1) look at which appliances, lighting, and other loads you want to power in an outage in order to determine how much energy they will use over the time period you want to keep them running. 2) Suitable space in or outside your home to place batteries. 3) How long the batteries are able to run without being re-charged. 4) Your budget: Because batteries can be expensive, most people size their systems to only power critical electrical loads while utility service is out. We will help you decide which loads you want to power with your battery given your budgetary constraints.

Q: What if my solar system has problems?

A: If you believe something is wrong with your solar system Please contact the sales or by phone at +86 13556653427 and send over all product information, error message on LCD screen (if applicable) and detailed information regarding the failure.

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