Megawatt Sustainable Off-grid Portable Solar Lighting System

Powerease Off-grid Portable Solar Lighting System offer a practical and sustainable solution for powering home, school and shops. It is an integrated solar home power system which combines the Powerease DC Portable Solar Generator, solar panels and optional DC fan. It is more powerful than most portable solar lighting products, it allows you to connect many DC devices at the same time. With the Powerease, you will easily and quickly light up your home, charge your phone, Listen to the radio or music and watch DC TV.

Power Multiple DC Devices

Powerease Off-grid Portable Solar Lighting System provides energy independence, cost savings, environmental sustainability, durability, and safety. Multiple output ports are sure to meet your needs for charging different DC devices simultaneously whenever and wherever. It is a great power supply option for remote homes, emergency power, disaster relief, camping, boating – anywhere you need power on-demand with no fuel-costs or pollution.

How Powerease Off-grid Portable Solar Lighting System Works

①Set Up Solar Panels

Place the solar panels in a sunny location and connect them to the Powerease DC Portable Solar Generator’s input port.

②Capture and Convert Energy

The solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity, which is then fed into the generator.

Store Energy

The generator stores the electrical power in its internal batteries for future use.

④Power Devices

When needed, connect your devices to the generator to use the stored power or to charge them.

Charging Methods

Solar Charging

  • The solar panel is placed outdoors in direct sunlight.
  • The solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into electrical energy.
  • A cable connects the solar panel to the solar power system.
  • The energy flows from the solar panel through the cable and enters the solar power system through a designated input port, marked for solar panel connection, usually with a symbol of the sun or labeled as ‘Solar Input.’
  • The power system then converts and stores this energy in its internal batteries.

Mains Charging

  • The solar power system can also be charged using a standard AC power source from the electrical grid.
  • A charging cable, compatible with the solar power system, is plugged into an AC outlet in a home or a similar power source.
  • The other end of the charging cable is connected to the solar power system, likely into an input port marked as ‘AC Input’ or similar.
  • The system then converts the AC power to DC and charges the internal batteries.
  • This method is useful when sunlight is insufficient, or the system needs a quick charge from the grid.

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Megawatt – Radiating Reliability with Off-grid Solar Lighting Systems

Discover the autonomy of illumination with Megawatt’s Sustainable Off-grid Portable Solar Lighting Systems. Engineered for performance, our lighting solutions embody efficiency and portability, ensuring bright, reliable light wherever it’s needed. Each system incorporates Megawatt’s advanced solar technology, providing a dependable source of light independent of the grid. Perfect for remote areas and eco-conscious explorations, our lighting systems are a beacon of sustainability and innovation. Light up your adventures sustainably with Megawatt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The system harnesses solar energy using a photovoltaic panel, converting it into electrical power, which is then stored in a battery. This stored power is used to provide lighting through efficient LED lights.

It includes high-efficiency solar panels, durable batteries for energy storage, LED lamps for lighting, and a control system for energy management.

Yes, the system can still charge under overcast conditions, although the efficiency may be lower compared to direct sunlight.

Yes, the system is designed for ease of installation, with a plug-and-play setup that doesn’t require technical expertise.

The system requires minimal maintenance, mainly cleaning the solar panels regularly and ensuring the battery is kept within its recommended charge levels.

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