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Hybrid Off Grid Solar Inverter Parts

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Power Board (Motherboard)

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What is a Solar Inverter Component

AA solar inverter component is an essential piece of a solar energy system, responsible for converting the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into the alternating current (AC) used in homes and businesses. These components include power inverters, transformers, and control circuits, among others. They work together to efficiently manage and transform solar power into usable electricity while ensuring the safety and longevity of the energy system. Ideal for those seeking sustainable energy solutions, solar inverter components are key to maximizing the effectiveness of solar installations, providing reliable energy conversion for both on-grid and off-grid systems. With a focus on sustainability, they also support a greener future by enabling the integration of clean solar energy into everyday use.

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Hybrid Off Grid Solar Inverter Parts List

1Power Board (Motherboard)3.5kW to 5kW off-grid solar inverter1
2Control BoardFor3.5kW/5kW off-grid solar inverter1
3Display BoardIncluding 6. 25 inch LCD screen and touch buttons1
4FansDC12V 0.16A SPEC 70253
5Input &Output Terminals7pin1
6ON/OFF ButtonDC Button Switch1
7Fuses and Input Breaker1
8CasingWhite or black, or custom colors, silk screen printed with OEM brand1


Power range 3.5kW-5.5kW
Battery voltage 48VDC
Pure sine wave solar inverter
Output power factor 1.0
Support Utility/Generator/Solar Charge
Built in 100A MPPT solar charger, and 80A AC charger
MPPT efficiency Max.98%
Maximum PV array power 6000W
High PV input range 120V-450Vdc
Maximum PV array open circuit voltage 450Vdc
Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting
Configurable AC/solar charging priority via LCD setting
Configurable battery charging current based on applications via LCD setting
Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
Auto restart while PV is recovering
Safety features: overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, reverse polarity protection
Lead-acid battery or lithium battery types selectable
Built-in lithium battery automatic activation
Smart battery charge design to optimize battery life

Function Of Solar Inverter PCB

Power Maximization
Megawatt Solar inverter PCB comes with a maximum power point tracker [MPPT]. This feature allows the solar inverter PCB to locate this point and maximize the available energy harnessed from the solar panels.

Conversion Of DC To AC
It is the function of the solar inverter PCB to convert the direct current [DC] to a usable alternating current [AC], allowing you to use the electricity in your business premises and homes.

Voltage Regulation
It controls and regulates the voltage output to ensure it meets the required standards for safe and efficient operation of connected devices.

Frequency Control
The PCB manages the frequency of the AC output, ensuring it aligns with the standard frequency used in the electrical grid or the specific requirements of the off-grid system.

Battery Charging Control
Megawatt Solar inverter PCB controls the charging process of batteries, ensuring they are charged efficiently and safely.

Ensure Safe Operation
The PCB includes safety features such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature protection to safeguard the inverter and connected components.

Communication Interface
Megawatt Solar inverter PCB include RS232/RS485,Wi-Fi (optional) communication interfaces, allowing for monitoring, remote control, and data collection.

User Interface Connectivity
The PCB facilitates the connection of user interface elements, such as display panels and control buttons, enabling users to monitor and control the inverter.

Efficiency Optimization
The PCB may incorporate features or components to optimize the overall efficiency of the inverter, reducing energy losses during the conversion process.

Fault Diagnosis
Megawatt PCB include diagnostic features to identify and communicate faults or issues with the inverter system.

Megawatt – Your Expert in Solar Inverter Components

Megawatt brings its solar technology prowess to the forefront with premium solar inverter components designed for peak performance. Our offerings are enhanced with smart connectivity for real-time energy tracking, ensuring optimal functionality. Celebrated for superior quality and reliability, Megawatt’s components are a cornerstone in solar power systems worldwide. Choose Megawatt for solar inverter parts that empower your energy solutions with precision and durability.

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Pre-Sales Services

At Megawatt, our pre-sales service is dedicated to providing expert consultation in the following areas:

  • Assessing Actual Needs
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  • Offering Industry Solutions
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During Sales Services

Integrity and fairness are our guiding principles in all customer interactions. This is why we treat all clients equally, regardless of the contract size, whether they are international or domestic, and whether they are new or returning customers.

Megawatt also guarantees the high quality of our diverse product range. By adhering strictly to contract terms, complying with product standards, and conducting multiple quality inspections before dispatching any equipment to our clients, we ensure that every solar inverter meets our high-quality benchmarks.

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Working with Megawatt’s solar inverter components has significantly uplifted our energy systems’ capability. The reliability and advanced technology of their components make them integral to our solar solutions. It’s impressive how they’ve managed to provide such high standards consistently.

Megawatt’s components are the backbone of our solar installations. Their inverter parts have proven to be durable and efficient, delivering on the promise of green energy. We’ve seen a noticeable difference in system performance since we switched to Megawatt.

Choosing Megawatt for our inverter components has been a game-changer for our field applications. The seamless integration and robust operation of their components have set a new benchmark. Their dedication to quality is evident in every watt we generate.