High Voltage Stackable Energy Storage System LiFePo4 Battery 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh 25kWh

Compact Stack Design: 5kWh/102.4V per module. Flexible capacity expansion from 5.12kWh to 25.6kWh.
Easy Installation: Plug and play, no extra wire harness connection, maximum flexibility and ease of use.
Safety and Reliability: LiFePO4 cells for greater safety and longer battery cycle life, up to 6000+ cycles at 80% DOD 0.5C.  
Built-in smart BMS offers voltage, current, temperature protection and alarm functions. 
Higher Power Output: Deliver more power to the home appliances and devices, especially those that require high surge currents or fast charging.
Faster Charging: Charge faster from the grid or from a solar system, as it requires less current for the same power input. This can shorten the charging time and increase the energy availability.
Reduced Weight and Size: Reduce the weight and size of the wires, cables, connectors, and other components needed for the battery system, as they can handle less current for the same power output. It greatly improve the installation, safety, and cost of the battery system.

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Powermega Stackable Energy Storage System is a high voltage lithium battery system with a flexible modular design. It is capable of stacking 5 battery modules with available capacities from 5.12 kWh to 25.6 kWh and voltages from 102.4 Vdc to 512 Vdc. This stackable energy storage system provide residential and small commercial renewable energy solutions that reduce electricity costs and promote energy independence. From small off-grid cabins, to peak rate TOU (time-of-use) offset, family homes in suburbia, and small commercial projects, Powermega Stackable Energy Storage Battery is the proven best choice.

Fully Modular Design, Strong Expansibility

10.24 kWh

15.36 kWh

20.48 kWh

25.6 kWh


Powermega Energy Storage System is suitable for home, microgrid islands, hotels and farms, and the application scenarios are mostly suitable for areas with frequent power outages and important loads which uninterruptible power protection is required, such as wine cabinets, medicine cabinets, etc. Used by small merchants to help shop keepers save electricity bills and protect against power outages, such as ordinary shops, restaurants. Air conditioning systems in small pet hospitals ensure pet safety, automatic sprinkler systems for small farmers and more.


Electrical Characteristics
Rate voltage204.8 Vdc307.2 Vdc409.6 Vdc512 Vdc
Cell combination32S1P*2S32S1P*3S32S1P*4S32S1P*5S
Rate capacity50 Ah
Energy storage10.24 kWh15.36 kWh20.48 kWh25.6 kWh
Cycle life6000 cycles @80% DOD, 0.5C
Charge/Discharge Standard
Charge voltage224 V336 V448 V560 V
Max. charge current50 A
Max. discharge current50 A
Discharge cut-off voltage172.8 Vdc259.2 Vdc345.6 Vdc432 Vdc
Charge cut-off voltage230.4 Vdc345.6 Vdc460.8 Vdc584 Vdc
Charge temperature0°C to 50°C @ 60 ± 25% Relative Humidity
Discharge temperature-20°C to 50°C @ 60 ± 25% Relative Humidity
Storage temperature-20°C to 50°C @ 60 ± 25% Relative Humidity
IP classIP65
Material systemLiFePO4
Case materialMetal
Case typeStand Stack
Pack dimension L*W*H630*185*955 mm630*185*1300 mm630*185*1650 mm630*185*2000 mm
Package dimension L*W*H740*295*400*3 mm740*295*400*4 mm740*295*400*5 mm740*295*400*6 mm
Net weight14+49*2 kg14+49*3 kg14+49*4 kg14+49*5 kg
Gross weight21+53*2 kg21+53*3 kg21+53*4 kg21+53*5 kg
Protocol (Optional)CANBus/RS485/RS232
MonitoringBluetooth/WLAN Optional
PackUN38.3, MSDS
CellUN38.3, MSDS, IEC62619, CE, UL1973, UL2054

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