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What is a solar inverter

The solar inverter is an integral part of the solar system. Its core function is to convert the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) that can be used by homes and businesses. This process not only makes solar power generation practical, but also ensures the safe and efficient output of electricity.

Your trusted solar inverter supplier

Megawatt, with over 20 years of industry experience, is a professional inverter manufacturer. We offer a wide range of inverter product lines including hybrid inverters, low frequency inverters and high frequency inverters to meet the needs of solar off-grid systems of all sizes. Whether your project is a home installation, outdoor building, hotel or other application, our inverters provide power solutions from 110V to 380V. Choosing Megawatt means choosing the guarantee of reliability, professionalism and innovative technology.

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Why Choose Megawatt Solar Inverter

Pre-Sales Services

At Megawatt, our pre-sales service is dedicated to providing expert consultation in the following areas:

  • Assessing Actual Needs
  • Recommending the Most Suitable Models
  • Offering Industry Solutions
  • Free Sample Testing
  • Free Factory Inspections
  • Other aspects
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During Sales Services

Integrity and fairness are our guiding principles in all customer interactions. This is why we treat all clients equally, regardless of the contract size, whether they are international or domestic, and whether they are new or returning customers.

Megawatt also guarantees the high quality of our diverse product range. By adhering strictly to contract terms, complying with product standards, and conducting multiple quality inspections before dispatching any equipment to our clients, we ensure that every solar inverter meets our high-quality benchmarks.

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How Does a Power Inverter Work?


Solar Inverter could load various appliances such as air conditioner,fridges,tv,fan,laptop, phone charging, etc.

Solution Customization

Whether for home or commercial use, we will recommend the best inverter and solar system for you.

Charging Modes

Support 4 charging modes: solar/utility priority/ solar priority/utility hybrid charging.

Output Modes

PV priority/Utility priority/Inverter priority, which can meet users’ different application needs.

What are the uses of different inverters?

Residential Inverter

Grid-tied inverters are designed to convert DC power generated by solar panels into AC power and feed it directly into the grid.

  • High efficiency energy conversion
  • Real-time monitoring of grid demand and output adjustments
  • Support energy feedback to the grid
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Off grid inverter

Off-grid inverters are used in stand-alone solar systems to convert DC power generated by solar panels into AC power for use by appliances in the stand-alone system without being connected to the grid.

  • Self-sufficient energy solutions
  • Equipped with battery storage function to ensure continuous power supply
  • Flexibly respond to energy needs in areas without grid coverage
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Hybrid inverter

Hybrid inverters combine the capabilities of both grid-tied and off-grid inverters to not only deliver power to the grid, but also provide power to homes when the grid is out.

  • Strong adaptability, able to switch freely between grid-connected and off-grid modes
  • Integrated battery storage management
  • Optimize energy usage and improve system efficiency
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Single phase inverter

Single-phase inverters are suitable for small to medium-sized home solar systems, converting DC power into single-phase AC power commonly used in homes.

  • Simple and efficient energy conversion
  • Suitable for residential electricity standards
  • Easy to install and maintain
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Three-phase inverter

Three-phase inverters are suitable for large-scale commercial and industrial solar projects, providing three-phase AC power to meet the needs of large equipment and systems.

  • High-capacity power output to adapt to large-scale power demand
  • Stability and efficiency suitable for commercial grade applications
  • Support wider grid and system integration
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Megawatt inverter case

Residential Solar System Upgrade

 Megawatt provided a high-efficiency solar inverter that maximized the home’s solar energy production. The system was enhanced with smart monitoring for real-time performance tracking.

Commercial Solar Project

Megawatt supplied a three-phase solar inverter tailored for commercial use, offering high performance and durability.

Remote Area Power Supply

Megawatt provided off-grid solar inverters and customized storage solutions to ensure a constant power supply.

Agricultural Solar Solution

Megawatt delivered an efficient solar inverter system optimized for agricultural use, with robust performance under various weather conditions.

Megawatt – Your Partner in Advanced Solar Inverter Solutions

With Megawatt’s exceptional R&D capabilities in solar technology and software integration, we offer one of the leading solar inverter solutions enhanced with smart monitoring features. Across the globe, our products are known for their superior quality and reliability, earning us a prestigious market reputation. Choosing Megawatt for your solar inverter needs means elevating the efficiency and quality of your solar energy projects.

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Megawatt inverter case

Grid inverter

Off grid inverter

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