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Megawatt is a power system manufacturer, an energy solution provider focused on providing economically attractive and sustainable solar power and energy storage products solutions and SKD services.

Megawatt is dedicated in providing complete PV system solutions to global users, especially residential and commercial communities lack electricity or suffering unreliable grids, or with high household electricity prices, empowering them with cost-effective, high quality power generated products and services, from state-of-the art solar panels, solar inverters to battery storage, you’ll get everything you need for a complete power solutions.

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We make solar power extremely affordable. Systems are fully custom-fit to maximize return on investment.


Adapted to every energy need

Megawatt solar inverter, solar generator and battery energy storage products are widely used in various scenarios, whether it is homes, businesses or remote areas, we can provide customized solutions to meet different energy needs. We understand that every project is unique, so we focus on providing our customers with highly flexible and reliable solar energy storage system.

Residential Applications

Provide an efficient and stable solar power generation system for household roofs or courtyards, helping households achieve energy self-sufficiency and reduce electricity bills.

Outdoor Applications

Experience the freedom of renewable energy in the great outdoors with our portable solar power setups. Our systems allow campers and explorers to harness the sun’s energy to power essential devices. 

Offgrid Lighting /Emergency Power Supply

Equip emergency response units with portable solar generators to deliver immediate power during disaster relief operations. These units can be vital for medical equipment, communication devices, and lighting in areas where the power infrastructure is compromised.

Commercial Off-Grid Solar

We supply large scale commercial off-grid solar systems for business. For remote business, our off-grid solar energy storage system will save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges, make you live more self-sufficiently and independent from spiralling diesel generation costs. For commercial building owners, you are free from the uncertainty of ever-increasing utility rates, and you have complete control over your energy usage.

Our Solutions

Explore our solutions for Off-grid Lighting, Residential Solar Systems, and Commercial Solar Applications.

Off-grid Lighting Solutions

Residential solar solution

Commercial solar solution


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