October 2022

Powered USB hubs provide their own power supply for devices. Typically, when you connect a device to your computer via USB, the device draws upon your computer’s power to function.To power a laptop, we designed […]

At htyusb , we test tons of peripherals, which is why we’re experts on the best USB Type-C hubs. With a single USB Type-C hub, you can add USB Type-A ports, HDMI inputs, Ethernet jacks, and

Nowadays, there are many devices that you can plug into a computer USB port each having their own specific purpose. Whether it be a webcam to connect you to loved ones, or a scanner to make digital versions of

A docking station is used to expand the functionality of a portable device to turn it into a desktop replacement, and a docking station can provide workstation power to your overall device. Each port can

9 in 1 Multifunctional Type-C HUB Docking Station C-BONG CS-018 is a multifunctional TYPE-C docking station, you can connect a computer host with USB Type C 3.1 protocol to a monitor, TV or other display

Wireless network transmission is convenient, but in a specific environment, the stability of the network signal is relatively weak, which brings a lot of inconvenience to daily office work. It is precisely for this reason

If you’re finally fed up of your laptop’s lack of ports and have decided to do something about it, you’ve almost certainly come across the terms hub and docking station. But if you’re not sure

An Introduction to USB HubUSB hub refers to a device that expands one Universal Serial Bus (USB) port into several and enables those ports can be used at the same time. With this device, you

What is a USB-C hub, a docking station, and an adapter? A USB-C hub, docking station, or adapter is the solution to the problem of how to connect multiple essential or “nice-to-have” devices to your

Why do you say that usb3.0 is better than usb2.0? Where are the advantages? Why does everyone recommend buying usb3.0? After reading the following three elements, you will understand the difference between usb3.0 and 2.0.