4-in-1 Type-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network port HUB docking converter

Wireless network transmission is convenient, but in a specific environment, the stability of the network signal is relatively weak, which brings a lot of inconvenience to daily office work. It is precisely for this reason that many white-collar workers prefer convenience. I have a laptop for work, but sometimes I have to use a PC. What is the reason? In addition to the influence of the wireless network signal, the lack of notebook peripheral interfaces is also one of the important reasons. Type-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network port HUB docking station converter expands the wired network for mobile office equipment and adds a USB interface. From then on, the notebook computer office is as easy as the PC office.

4 in 1 Type-C to USB3.0

TYPE-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network port HUB docking station converter adopts an all-aluminum alloy shell, anodized coloring, deep space gray to show the sense of technology, simple design, stylish appearance, upgraded chip, multiplied function, better use effect Outstanding. The TYPE-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network port HUB docking station converter has been well received by many users as soon as it was launched. , plug and play, can be connected to laptops, and supports Type-C functions of various mobile phones.

The office in the digital age is inseparable from the network. The unstable wireless network signal will undoubtedly bring constraints to users. Most laptops do not have RJ45 network ports and cannot be connected to wired networks. Type-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network The port HUB docking station converter is specially designed for mobile devices to connect to wired networks. It is equipped with a gigabit network port, stable office work, and the download speed of various materials is significantly improved. Connect to the device and use an adaptive 10/100/1000Mbps network to maximize the transmission speed

RJ45 network port HUB converter

The TYPE-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network port HUB converter not only supports the use of notebook peripherals, but also can be used as a mobile phone peripheral to bring more help to players in the game of eating chickens, and it is easy to rank the chickens. Therefore, using an emulator on the PC side to play chicken-eating games, the stability of the wired network is the main reason. Unfortunately, this practice is often banned, which makes players sigh, and the mobile phone has the Type-C function to connect Type-C to USB3. .0 RJ45 network port HUB docking station converter, enjoy games with wired Internet access.

Type-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network port HUB converter has a three-port expansion function, USB3.0 transmission speed can reach 5Gbps, whether it is connected to U disk or connected to printers, radiators, hand-painted boards and peripherals such as mice, keyboards, gamepads, etc. The facilities are all easy and convenient. The multiple USB expansion ports not only allow the notebook computer to connect to multiple peripherals at the same time, but also effectively protect the notebook’s native USB interface and bring intimate protection to the notebook hardware facilities. With the rapid development of mobile phone hardware, the current Snapdragon 855 processor is very popular, and the internal storage of mobile phones has reached 6~10GB, which makes it possible to work with mobile phones. Type-C to USB3.0 RJ45 network port HUB converter is connected to the mobile phone, Read the contents of the U disk, browse Word, edit Excel tables, and work anytime, anywhere without a computer.

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