Why do you say that usb3.0 is better than usb2.0? Where are the advantages? Why does everyone recommend buying usb3.0? After reading the following three elements, you will understand the difference between usb3.0 and 2.0. […]

USB is a new generation interface standard jointly launched by world-renowned computer and communication companies. The full name is Universal Serial Bus (Universal Serial Bus). It is a fast and flexible bus interface. It is

USB hub, we often say USB HUB, can expand the USB interface of the computer into multiple USB interfaces, so as to solve the problem that the USB interface of the user’s computer is not

Fans who often carry laptops to work on the go know all too well the great experience a laptop can provide at the airport, in a coffee shop, or anywhere on the road. And when you

With the rapid development of technology, many conversion devices need cables of different lengths to use. When connecting to a computer, it will inevitably look like the desktop will be cluttered. In fact, a type-c

16 in 1 Type-C to HDMI Docking Station

 First of all, the core difference between the splitter and the docking station is that the splitter does not have a chip, but the docking station has a chip. That is to say, the data

  A docking station, as the name suggests, is a device that can expand the functions of a notebook computer. It consists of interfaces and slots. It can be connected to a variety of external devices