4in1 type-C to RJ45 gigabit network adapter +USB3.0+ charging converter adapter URC305

4in1 type-C to RJ45 gigabit network adapter

Compatibility: Supports the latest MacOS, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10  

Product Description:  URC305 Type-C converter is to convert a type-C output device to RJ45 network signal, providing gigabit network use for equipment, plug and play, no need to be equipped with driver, convenient and fast, stable Internet access, supporting two USB3.0 ports, and can be downward compatible with USB3.0&USB2.0,  It is equipped with an interface to charge the equipment and transmit data. The shell of the Type-C converter is made of aluminum alloy metal material, which has strong anti-interference ability and resistance