usb-hub 10 best powered for laptop


usb-hub 10 best powered for laptop


Input: TYPE C
Onput: HDMI:4K@30Hz
USB3.0 GEN1 5GX3 port

usb-c hub

usb-hub 10 best powered for laptop

Exquisite workmanship, small and delicate
In appearance alone, the HTY dock is very similar to similar products on the market-it has a long strip design with interfaces distributed around the fuselage. However, from the side view, the HTY dock is not completely designed for the plane, but the use of oval-like arc processing, which allows users to plug and unplug the device has a better focus.

usb-hub 10 best powered for laptop
For durability and heat dissipation reasons, the shell of the HTY expansion dock is made of aluminum alloy and assisted by anodic oxidation process, which can easily conduct heat and effectively prevent product scratch. Color Matching, HTY dock for Deep Space Gray and Athens Black match, not easy to stain fingerprints and appear calm, delicate. In addition, the size of HTY expansion dock is 123mm × 52mm, small and portable, and carried the length of 15cm Type-C wire, the joint part is made of high hardness nickel plating material, to ensure the stability of transmission and product durability.

usb-hub 10 best powered for laptop
How do you measure the quality of a docking station? In addition to the work and material, it is to see how many interfaces it has, and the speed of transmission. From the product name can be seen, HTY dock hit“Nine-in-one” multi-functional extensions, that is, with 9 interfaces. The Gigabit, HDMI, VGA, 3.5 mm audio, and three USB 3.0 ports are located on either side of the body. As a compatible and popular interface type, USB 3.0 interface is indispensable in daily use, three of these interfaces have also been able to meet the common mouse and keyboard, receiver, U disk and mobile hard disk devices such as the use of demand, help improve office efficiency. On the side of USB 3.0 interface, the HTY dock is also designed with a status indicator, the working status can be seen at a glance.

usb-hub 10 best powered for laptop
At the same time, SD card interface, TF card interface and Type-C interface (support up to 100W Fast Charge) are distributed at both ends of the Hty Dock. Basically covers the common interface on the market, do not have to worry about looking for wire and transfer interface, worry-free and convenient.

Fast transmission, strong stability
After understanding the paper configuration, I believe that more friends would like to know how the specific performance of Hty Dock. In the actual experience process, the HTY expansion dock first to the author’s feeling is intimate, practical is very strong. At present, a lot of thin books only 1 ~ 2 USB interface, can not meet the actual use needs. And

The HTY docking station is equipped with 3 USB ports, which can connect U disk, mobile hard disk and transfer data at high speed while enjoying the pleasure of keyboard and mouse input, for business people is simply”Inefficient” rescue tool. These days, there are plenty of slim books that don’t have card slots, so the HTY dock also supports reading SD/TF card data at the same time, and allows users to buy a card reader for free.
Second, the HTY dock support fast charge function is worthy of“Like”, even while playing can not let the laptop battery, to ease the user’s battery life anxiety.

Finally, the transmission speed of the HTY docking station is also satisfactory. According to HTY officials, all three USB ports in the HTY dock support 5Gbps. In order to avoid the lack of bandwidth of the Type-C interface in the notebook computer, which will cause errors in the test, I used I 78700k (silent frequency) with Huageng Z370taichi motherboard, and used Huageng Z370taichi motherboard, after testing the USB 3.1Gen2 Type-C interface, the interface bandwidth can reach 10Gbps, which will not cause a bottleneck to the performance release of HTY Docking Station. After connecting the three USB ports of Hty Dock, the test results are as follows: the read speed is 451Mbps, the write speed is 344Mbps. It can be said that most of the mobile storage devices on the market can play in the HTY dock perfect, do not have to worry about the HTY dock SSD and U disk conventional storage equipment constraints.